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Dental Braces in New Jersey: Restore Your Smile

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If you have crooked teeth, gaps, or bite alignment problems, our experienced team at Golestani Dental Group is here to help with a comprehensive range of orthodontic and cosmetic services. We offer custom orthodontic care plans and dental braces for patients of all ages. 

We have offices in both Livingston and Harrison, NJ, but regardless of which location you visit, you can expect the same friendly service and quality dental care. Our entire team goes above and beyond to ensure that when you leave our office, you have a reason to smile. 

Are Dental Braces Right for You?

Dental braces are an effective treatment option for numerous orthodontic conditions, such as: 

  • Crowded or crooked teeth
  • Gaps or poor spacing between teeth
  • Overbites (upper teeth excessively overlap lower teeth) 
  • Underbites (lower teeth excessively overlap upper teeth)
  • Uneven bite or jaw alignment problems

If you’re experiencing discomfort due to misaligned teeth or want a more attractive smile, we have the skills to make it happen. Not only will straightening your teeth improve your oral health, but it can increase your self-esteem and help you become more confident too. 

Choosing the Right Braces  

Orthodontic technology has come a long way. These days, you don’t just have to live with traditional metal braces—you have options. We offer all manner of dental braces, including:

  • Ceramic
  • Stainless steel
  • Self-ligating
  • Gold
  • Lingual
  • Invisalign®

Our orthodontist will help you decide which procedure or tools will be most effective to achieve your goals. After that, we will walk you through choosing the ideal braces for your needs and lifestyle. We also consider any restrictions regarding your insurance so that you can get quality braces at an affordable price.  

Considerations to Keep in Mind 

When exploring your options for dental braces, you want to keep a few considerations in mind. While you might see visible improvements within a month or two, you will still need to wear your braces for a prolonged period to get the best results. A few other things to think about include: 

  • How much you can spend on braces
  • What style you prefer, and whether you want invisible braces
  • How often you can come in for adjustments or refittings
  • Whether you want braces that can be entirely removed at any time

You get to choose the materials and design of your braces. Those two aspects affect not only the appearance of the braces but also how long it takes to complete the treatment. Some braces can speed up the process significantly. 

Typical Treatment Timeline for Dental Braces 

Braces work by exerting pressure against the teeth in a precise way and slowly nudging them into the desired position. How well you maintain your braces, your diligence in attending check-ups, and the severity of the issue will all play a role in how long it takes before you can remove your braces. 

Remember that no two cases are the same, and accurate expectations are essential. Our orthodontist will walk you through your treatment plan and let you know when you can expect to remove your braces. 

For some people, teeth alignment can take as little as twelve months, while others may require three years or longer for their teeth to fully shift. 

Aftercare Instructions and Suggestions 

Once we remove your braces, you may need to temporarily wear a retainer to ensure your teeth do not migrate out of line. To enjoy a straight smile, you need to be sure to follow any aftercare instructions our orthodontist provides. At Golestani Dental Group, we want you to feel absolutely confident about your smile, and that means taking aftercare seriously. 

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