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Dental Cleaning and Exams in Livingston & Harrison, NJ

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Routine Dental Cleaning and Exams in New Jersey

Keep your teeth and gums in excellent condition by scheduling regular dental exams and cleanings. Call (973) 484-4200 or (973) 597-1818 to schedule your appointment today.

Most people understand the need for daily brushing and flossing at home. Despite how well you maintain your teeth and gums, it’s still necessary to book bi-annual dental appointments for professional cleaning and exams. 

Golestani Dental Group in Livingston and Harrison, NJ, is a top dental practice specializing in preventative dental care for patients of all ages. Our offices consist of state-of-the-art facilities where we foster an environment of relaxation, comfort, and quality care. Our dentists and supporting staff strive to provide comprehensive treatments to improve oral health. 

Importance of Healthy Teeth and Gums

Your teeth are responsible for chewing, pronouncing words, and maintaining an attractive facial shape. Neglecting your teeth and gums can lead to severe consequences, such as tooth loss, tooth decay, gum disease, misshapen jaw, cavities, and more. Many of these complications result in:

  • Chronic pain
  • Discomfort
  • Expensive restorative dental care

Your oral health also plays a critical role in your overall well-being. Many chronic illnesses have links to gum health, such as diabetes, chronic respiratory disease, and cardiovascular disease, though researchers still do not understand why. We do know that having healthy gums can reduce the risk of developing these conditions. 

The Benefits of Regular Dental Exams and Cleanings in Livingston & Harrison

The mouth has a high concentration of bacteria which helps break down food when chewing. Regular brushing and flossing prevents bacteria and their acidic byproducts from accumulating at excessive levels. Without dental care, bacteria can lead to severe oral infections. 

You must practice at-home dental care, but we here at Golestani Dental Group in New Jersey know that these treatments aren’t enough. Food particles and bacteria have many hiding places in the mouth, especially on and around the anterior teeth or molars. These areas can be hard to clean without the professional assistance we can provide.

With routine dental exams and cleanings twice a year, you can be sure your mouth receives the care it deserves. We use advanced technology and tools to check the health of your mouth and remove buildups of plaque and tartar. 

What to Expect During Your Dental Exam in Livingston & Harrison

Maintaining good oral health requires getting a dental examination. Many patients do not recognize some dental problems until they become severe. However, we know how to identify early signs of oral issues and create a reliable treatment plan based on your specific oral health needs. 

During the exam, we check for:

  • Problems you cannot detect without professional assistance
  • Signs of cavities and decay
  • Evidence of gingivitis and gum disease
  • Indications of possible oral cancer

Our comprehensive exam also includes evaluating your bite and the fit of prior dental restorations like dental implants and bridges. 

We examine your entire mouth visually, including teeth, gums, cheeks, and tongue. In many cases, we will order digital x-rays to produce clear images of your oral structures. Digital imaging allows our dentists to spot decay, cavities, and other issues not noticeable during the visual inspection. 

Oral cancer screenings are part of our exams. Oral cancer requires immediate treatment, but the condition doesn’t often come with obvious symptoms in its early stages. During your screening, we may check your mouth for discoloration, sores, and lumps. 

Routine Teeth Cleaning Procedure

Part of your dental examination includes complete teeth cleaning, which occurs toward the end of the visit. The procedure is relatively straightforward. 

One of our skilled dental hygienists will begin the cleaning process by removing plaque and tartar from around teeth, including hard-to-reach areas. They will use manual tools to scrape debris away or ultrasonic equipment to break hard deposits. 

The hygienist will be sure to remove debris from between teeth and right below the gum line. Plaque and tartar can quickly build up in gum pockets where they are not always noticeable and hard to remove at home.  

After the initial treatment, the hygienist will polish your teeth using gritty toothpaste and a powerful electric brush. Not only will the polishing process eliminate any remaining traces of oral debris from your teeth and gums, but it will also lift enamel stains. You will notice an immediate enhancement of your smile after a professional cleaning from Golestani Dental Group.

Keep Your Teeth and Gums Healthy With Our Dental Services

At Golestani Dental Group in Livingston and Harrison, we offer unmatched dental services, including dental cleaning and exams in New Jersey. We remain focused on our staff’s goal of helping each patient achieve optimal oral health standards. Schedule your appointment today by calling our Harrison office at (973) 484-4200 or (973) 597-1818 for our Livingston location.