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Custom Dental Bridges in New Jersey

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Your teeth play a significant role in various aspects of daily life, including speaking and eating. They also contribute to your visual appeal and self-esteem. When one or more teeth are missing due to dental trauma, tooth decay, or gum disease, your quality of living may change in ways you didn’t expect.

Golestani Dental Group, a premier dental practice, has convenient offices in Livingston and Harrison, New Jersey. Our dentists and supporting staff offer quality dental care in multiple specialties, including preventative, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry. We can also provide our patients with beautiful dental bridges to replace missing teeth.

What Are Dental Bridges?

A dental bridge is an oral device with artificial teeth and fixtures to attach the hardware to surrounding teeth (abutment teeth) on the side of the gap. The device serves as a connection between two permanent teeth to fill empty spaces within the gum line. 

Common materials for these dental devices include porcelain, gold, alloys, or a combination of these. Many patients choose porcelain for their custom dental bridges because it is durable and blends well with natural teeth. 

You may consider receiving a dental bridge from Golestani Dental Group if you want to:

  • Restore your smile and appearance
  • Maintain your face shape
  • Improve your ability to eat and speak

Types of Bridges

Our dentists offer two options for dental bridges in New Jersey. They include either fixed or removable. Removable bridges, or partial dentures, attach to supporting teeth using precision attachments or metal clasps. 

Fixed bridges come in four varieties. When seeking dental care for missing teeth from Golestani Dental Group, we will thoroughly examine your teeth and gums and discuss the best options for your needs. 


This type of bridge uses an artificial tooth to close a gap. The replacement tooth remains in place with supports on abutment teeth that we cement into place with dental crowns or caps. To perform the procedure, we must ensure that you have healthy teeth on both sides of the gap. 


Like a traditional dental bridge, the Maryland technique requires two sturdy and healthy teeth on both sides of the gap. Instead of a crown holding the bridge in place, we will bond a metal or porcelain support frame to the backs of the abutment teeth. 


For a cantilever bridge, only one abutment tooth is necessary. We secure the artificial tooth with a dental crown we bond to a single tooth on either side of the missing tooth. 


The most extensive procedure for replacing missing teeth uses dental implants in place of bridges. During the process, our dental team will surgically implant metal rods for every missing tooth. After the rods bond to the jawbone, we will secure crowns onto the exposed tops of the implants. 

Benefits of Receiving Dental Bridges

Even losing one tooth can seriously impact your oral health and appearance. Teeth roots stimulate jawbone growth, so when a tooth is gone, the bone can deteriorate in that area. With a weakening jaw, teeth surrounding the gap will shift out of place and further weaken the jawbone.  

With dental bridges, you can retain your face shape and prevent your teeth from shifting. Some other benefits of getting bridges from Golestani Dental Group include:

  • Boost in confidence from an enhanced appearance
  • Improved chewing due to a bite readjustment
  • Better ability to pronounce words correctly

Dental Bridge Procedure 

When receiving a traditional bridge from our dentists, patients usually need to book two appointments. The first visit will be to exam your teeth and determine the correct type of dental bridge required. Afterward, we will remove some of the abutment teeth’ enamel to allow the crowns to fit comfortably over them. 

Before the end of the initial appointment, we will take an accurate mold impression of the patient’s bite. The mold allows our skilled technicians to create replacement teeth and crowns. At the end of the visit, we will fit the patient with a temporary bridge. 

During the second dental visit, the dentist will fit the custom bridge into place. When we determine the fit is appropriate for the patient, we will cement it into place. 

Quality Dental Bridges in New Jersey 

If you want to makeover your smile with stunning, high-quality dental bridges in New Jersey, turn to Golestani Dental Group today. We have two convenient locations for families looking for premium dental care. Contact our Livingston office at (973) 597-1818, or speak to a team member at our Harrison location at (973) 484-4200.