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Affordable Dental Crowns in New Jersey at Golestani Dental Group

The fabricated crowns at Golestani Dental Group are durable enough to withstand continuous biting and chewing pressure—contact us today to find out more restorative dental crowns in New Jersey in Livingston (973-597-1818) or Harrison (973-484-4200).

An implant-supported crown includes a new smile and many positive results. The hassle-free dental care at Golestani Dental Group offers both aesthetic and practical solutions to our clients who need these types of dental crowns in New Jersey, with certified experts to handle the restoration. We can restore your smile and strengthen your dental structure with full-coverage or partial crowns. 

Are High-Quality Dental Crowns Recommended?

Our family dentists want to help you beautify your smile with cosmetic-grade crowns that look like natural teeth. It is a simple procedure that makes damaged teeth look new, and the high-quality dental crowns offer durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal in one neat and painless package. 

You can improve your ability to chew and speak with any choice of porcelain crowns, metal crowns, and composite resin. Our dental crowns in New Jersey offer great solutions for the following teeth problems: 

  • Chipped, broken, or damaged teeth that we cannot repair with dental fillings or temporary implants
  • Discolored or stained teeth 
  • Weak teeth vulnerable to fracturing
  • Slipping dental bridge fixtures
  • Teeth that need reshaping or restructuring

Implants, fillings, dental seals, and other restorative dentistry techniques are ineffective with compromised dental resistance or strength. Dental crowns solve this issue, allowing you can continue eating and smiling freely. 

Why Choose Dental Crowns over Other Restorative Dentistry Methods?

The procedure at Golestani Dental Group is as non-invasive as possible. Unlike root canals or dental fillings, dental crowns impact strength positively and do not need frequent replacement. The procedure is also more cost-effective and durable than other restorative dentistry techniques. 

Crowns prevent infections and work as a preventive measure against future dental damages. Our certified dental experts can treat patients of all ages who need dental crowns in New Jersey, regardless of the severity of the issue.

Call us today to find out more.

How Does the Treatment Procedure Work? 

Our dentists in Livingston and Harrison, NJ, follow a comprehensive and integrated treatment plan to beautify your smile and enhance your oral health. Our treatment is patient-centric and inclusive of the following elements: 

  • The initial consultation detects and assesses the damage
  • We then make custom-fit crowns for the size and shape of the affected tooth and gum structure
  • We fabricate the crowns for a flawless finish 
  • You visit us for the installation of temporary crowns until permanent crowns are ready 
  • We remove the temporary crown and bond the permanent crowns to your damaged teeth

Crowns work to strengthen implants and an artificial teeth. Our specialists also recommend crowns for dental damages where veneers are ineffective. We also aim to assist patients with information about the correct post-procedure oral care to prolong the durability and strength of their new dental crowns.

The dental needs of each individual differ, and our x-rays and other advanced imaging techniques ensure that we deliver accurate results. You may need pain medication after the restorative procedure, and our dental specialists can provide detailed care solutions to any of our patients for dental crowns in New Jersey. 

Dental Crown Types

Our high-quality dental crowns in New Jersey affix permanently to your existing teeth for a flawless smile, thanks to a range of materials. Consult our certified experts in Livingston or Harrison, NJ, if you want to explore the possibilities for porcelain dental crowns or metal crowns with amazing best results.

Metal Crowns

Classic metal crowns offer strength, resistance, and longevity. These crowns are entirely metal for unmatched durability. 

All Porcelain Crowns

Golestani Dental Group recommends porcelain dental crowns for clients who prefer natural-looking dental crowns in New Jersey. Porcelain crowns are hardly distinguishable from natural teeth and ideal for front teeth restorations. 

Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal Crowns

Full-cast options also include porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns. The balance provides aesthetics and durability, perfect for practical and visually appealing solutions.

Composite Resin Crowns

If you specifically need metal-free dental crowns in New Jersey, you might like to look at our composite resin crowns as a suitable alternative. All-resin crowns work best for metal allergies, with each one designed and created in a specialized lab environment. We use revolutionary dental fabrication techniques to mold these crowns and ensure unaffected jaw movements.


In addition to dental crowns for adults, we also offer children’s dental crowns. Some parents think that all pediatric crowns are metal but this is no longer the case. Golestani Dental Group is proud to offer NuSmile BioFlx crowns. These crowns are natural tooth colored, not metal. They are biocompatible, flexible, and durable, just like a high quality adult crown, but perfectly sized for a child.   

Consult our cosmetic dentistry team at Golestani Dental Group for strong and effective dental drowns in New Jersey. Our dental care services help you achieve a stunning smile and improved oral health—call us for more information in Livingston (973-597-1818) or Harrison, NJ (973-484-4200). Our experts are happy to answer your questions on our preventive, restorative, and comprehensive dental treatment plans.