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Dentures allow dentists to provide patients with replacement teeth. Dentures look natural and will enable you to chew food even if you’ve had teeth removed for medical reasons. Our team at Golestani Dental Group provides full-service care for dentures.

We offer both partial and full dentures in New Jersey. We’ll take molds to ensure the dentures fit you properly and provide instructions on caring for your dentures. Learn more by contacting us right now.

Why Choose Full Dentures in Livingston & Harrison, NJ?

Full dentures replace all the teeth in either your upper or lower jaw. These dentures are often a good choice for patients who have lost most or all of their natural teeth. Full dentures are:

  • Placed on your gums, or
  • Connected to dental implants

Sometimes, dentists suggest “all-on-four” dentures. All-on-four dentures connect to multiple dental implants placed in a patient’s lower jaw. Implant retained dentures provide a very stable hold for patients who want full dentures in New Jersey.

Generally, dentists use complete dentures if you are missing all of your teeth. You do not have to select full dentures to support your oral health here in New Jersey; they represent only one option available to you.

Options for Partial Dentures in Livingston & Harrison, NJ

As we mentioned, partial dentures are available to some patients here in New Jersey. Partial dentures benefit patients who have healthy teeth remaining. Partial dentures replace several missing teeth or even a single missing tooth.

Our team generally uses fixtures and metal clasps to place partial dentures.

Note that flexible partial dentures are available in some cases. Dentists use pliable plastic to construct flexible dentures, which do not come with metal clasps. Generally, flexible partial dentures are difficult to see when you wear them. Find out more about this kind of partial denture in New Jersey with our team. 

Ready for Dentures? Talk to Our Dentists in NJ

Do you have questions about whether or not dentures are right for you? Our team provides oral health assessments for individuals interested in dentures. Allows us to assess your degree of tooth loss to see if dentures are the right choice for you.

Our team focuses on providing comprehensive help with every step of the process for denture creation. In many cases, dentists take casts of your natural teeth and bite when designing dentures so they match your mouth precisely.

We understand all the steps to fitting dentures here in New Jersey. A dentist assesses the fit of your dentures after they are completed and makes any necessary adjustments to ensure that your dentures fit properly in your mouth.

How to Prepare for Your Dentures in Livingston & Harrison, NJ

Generally, you need to go through a few preparatory steps before getting dentures in New Jersey. The exact steps vary depending upon your oral health needs. Depending on your needs, a dentist may:

  • Extract damaged or unhealthy teeth
  • Place implants for implanted dentures

Note that your mouth needs to heal from any dental procedures before you start wearing dentures. The healing process takes time, especially if you chose to get implants for your dentures. Dentists check the progress of your healing with x-rays to assess the rate of bone healing in your jaw.

Ask Us About Soft Relines and Dentures

Do you feel uncomfortable when wearing your dentures? A soft reline often improves the comfort of both partial and full dentures here in New Jersey. Dentists connect a soft lining to your dentures during the soft reline procedures.

Soft relining dentures often reduces the pain associated with wearing dentures. If you have any questions regarding dentures, we’re happy to discuss your options. Contact us to discuss the strategies for getting you the dentures you want, starting right now.

Get Partial or Full Dentures in Livingston or Harrison, NJ

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