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Tooth removal and extraction can be a daunting prospect for anyone, but especially for young children or those who haven’t found a dentist that they like and trust. Tooth extractions can solve several different issues, including toothache, impacted wisdom teeth, and much more. 

Whether you’ve felt unsure about your dental prospects or you just want some information about tooth extractions, rest assured that our caring and expert doctors at Golestani Dental Group will do everything we can to help. 

When Are Dental Extractions Necessary?

While a dental extraction may seem like an extreme procedure, it can make an enormous difference in the health and comfort of your mouth. While we do try to make dental extractions a last resort, tooth removal and replacement can sometimes be your best long-term and pain-free option. 

Once a dental extraction is complete, you or your family member may have several options to replace the tooth in question, such as implants or dentures. In many individuals, these replacements can look and function just like real teeth.  

In some cases, such as baby teeth or wisdom tooth removal, replacement teeth may not be necessary at all. We’ll go over some other potential causes for tooth removal in the sections below. 

Impacted, Maligned, or Overcrowded Teeth

Over time, teeth can experience issues growing in, moving, or even falling out on their own. Baby teeth, for example, can occasionally develop with long or strangely-shaped roots that make normal removal impossible. In this case, professional removal is generally the best course of action. 

When adult teeth or wisdom teeth grow in, they can sometimes do so incorrectly as well. When your child’s mouth has no room for all of their adult teeth, overcrowding can occur. The best way to solve overcrowding, whether due to wisdom teeth or normal adult teeth, is through removal. 

If any of your or your child’s teeth grow in partially or incorrectly, that can be a reason for removal. Overcrowding and other issues, such as impacted or maligned teeth, can sometimes go hand in hand as well. This is especially common with wisdom teeth. 

Periodontitis and Infection

When a tooth or its surrounding gums becomes too infected to recover, the best course of action tends to be removal and replacement. Because periodontitis (or gum disease) and tooth infections can be painful and even can spread to surrounding teeth, early detection and removal can be the key to preventing further issues down the line. 

Injuries and Decay

If you or your child goes through a traumatic event that results in injuries to their teeth, the best way to fix the issue can sometimes be tooth extraction. While any traumatic oral injuries can be repaired with crowns, veneers, and other treatments, this is not always the case. 

Sometimes, tooth extraction and replacement is the superior solution, especially for teeth that have cracked or weakened to the point that they cannot support a crown. Similarly, teeth that have experienced significant decay or multiple fillings often need removal as well. 

Types of Extractions

In our Livingston and Harrison offices, we generally offer two types of procedures: simple extractions and surgical extractions. A simple extraction is faster, easier, and less invasive, but surgical removals can sometimes be less scary for young children.

Simple extractions involve using a local anesthetic to keep you or your child comfortable, then using gentle force to remove the tooth directly from its socket. Since sedation generally isn’t used for simple extractions, you can drive home and resume normal activities (within reason) directly after the procedure. 

Surgical extractions are sometimes necessary for extensive removals, impacted teeth, or situations in which your surgeon needs to access the root of your tooth to treat the issue. In most cases, your child will not be conscious during the procedure and the surgeon may need to remove portions of the bone or gums to treat problem areas. 

Regardless of why your child needs a tooth extraction (or what type of extraction is needed), you can rest assured that when you need a tooth extraction in New Jersey, the professionals at Golestani Dental Group are here to help. 

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