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A Guideline for an Adult and Pediatric Frenectomy in New Jersey

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Patients with tongue and lip tie issues suffer from the overdevelopment of frenulum tissue. There are two frenula in the mouth, referred to as the lingual frenulum and the labial frenulum. If these are problematic, it can lead to difficulties in speech and other everyday tasks related to the use of the mouth and tongue. 

Our New Jersey dentist can help. The team performs a simple procedure that clips or removes this overdeveloped frenulum tissue to free up movement and widen use. The affordable and minimally invasive procedure is known as a frenectomy, and Golestani Dental Group is happy to have helped many patients take back their confidence and comfort in this way.

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Tongue and Lip Tie Frenectomy in New Jersey

Surgical procedures might be intimidating at any age, but a frenectomy is quick and simple. At Golestani Dental Group, our experienced and friendly professionals bring high-quality dentistry to Livingston and Harrison, NJ. Our modern dental surgical procedures treat two types of frenula-related conditions: tongue and lip ties.

Lingual Frenulum (Tongue Tie)

Tongue-tied patients have an overdevelopment of the lingual frenulum under the tongue. The frenulum attaches to the tongue at a restrictive location and causes: 

  • Speech difficulties
  • Difficult breastfeeding
  • Limited tongue mobility
  • Heart-shaped tongues

Golestani Dental Group removes this excess frenulum tissue to rectify the issue safely and promote quick healing. A lingual frenectomy is a safe and standard procedure that may only last fifteen minutes. Its long-term effects include relief for tongue-tied patients that might even happen in the space of a single office visit. 

Labial Frenulum (Lip Tie)

Lip-tied patients experience difficulty with the labial frenulum under the upper lip. It “pulls” on the patient’s upper gum, creating issues that include: 

  • A considerable gap between top front teeth
  • Receding upper gumline
  • Incomplete orthodontic treatment options
  • Loose or ill-fitted dentures

A labial frenectomy addresses this lip tie by removing excess frenulum tissue and allowing for improved dental treatment and oral health. 

What to Expect from a Frenectomy in New Jersey

Patients in Harrison and Livingston, NJ, have full access to our expansive, qualified team at Golestani Dental Group. We are a leading provider of frenectomy in New Jersey – why not call us today for more information about how we can help you?

Here is more about our procedure, benefits, and aftercare for frenectomies:


Frenectomies are typically in-office procedures that take as little as fifteen minutes to complete. Our dentists will use a local anesthetic or optional IV sedation for a pain-free process.

At Golestani Dental Group, our dentists perform lingual and labial frenectomies using either a laser or a scalpel and stitches. Both methods result in minimal scarring and allow for rapid healing. The scalpel method is the most affordable choice, but laser frenectomies offer patients reduced discomfort and follow-up costs without stitches.


Labial and lingual frenectomies offer many oral health benefits at any age. Aside from improving breastfeeding capability in infants, frenectomies provide patients with: 

  • Improved oral cleanliness
  • Less oral discomfort
  • Straighter smiles
  • Better speech and appetite


Frenectomies are typically successful procedures that require limited follow-up care. Our dentists will quickly and efficiently address any unexpected pain or discomfort and remove the stitches at the next appointment. After the area heals, the dentist can then begin addressing other orthodontic needs.

Nursing mothers may also find it beneficial to seek the guidance of a certified lactation consultant as infant patients recover and adapt their feeding techniques.

A Trusted Provider for Frenectomy in New Jersey

As a simple and effective procedure, a frenectomy can change a patient’s entire oral health outlook. It is ideal in early development, but any patient will benefit from a frenectomy. Golestani Dental Group is proud to provide trusted and affordable dental services to Harrison and Livingston, NJ, residents. Our state-of-the-art facilities allow us to stay on the leading edge of dental care, ensuring that every patient gets the quality services they need for the oral health they deserve. 

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