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Convenient Treatment Plan Using High-Quality Invisalign Clear Aligners

Invisalign clear aligners are an award-winning, discreet alternative to traditional braces. These orthodontic office favorites do not impact an active lifestyle and allow you to continue attending social events, work meetings, or vacations without the aligners getting in the way. Our dentist also offers Invisalign aligners as a comfortable way to wear and remove teeth-straightening apparatus.

The Golestani Dental Group treatment plan for Invisalign is simple. It produces visible results in minimal treatment time, starting with precise impressions of your teeth for creating customized aligners. The treatment process includes:

  • Initial consultation to assess your dental structure and teeth alignment
  • Designing and creating aligners molded for your teeth
  • Regular check-ups to analyze the effectiveness of the treatment
  • Shifting new aligners as your teeth adjust
  • Designing a final retainer to keep your teeth aligned
Invisalign Provider

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Comprehensive Teeth Straightening Solutions

A straight, even smile transforms your appearance. As a trusted Invisalign provider in New Jersey, Golestani Dental Group offers affordable teeth-straightening solutions for minor and extensive dental problems. Our custom-molded removable aligners are practically invisible, but it isn’t the only solution available.

As a reputed Invisalign provider in New Jersey, we deal with many other dental issues, including crooked teeth, gaps, crowding, overlapping, underbites, crossbites, and overbites. Our Invisalign solutions are a treatment that’s popular with patients looking for hassle-free teeth straightening treatments, but our certified cosmetic dental experts have extensive experience in other procedures, as well.

Ask us about how we handle various dental problems or visit our branches in Livingston or Harrison, NJ, to see the treatments we offer to people of all ages.

How our Invisalign Treatment Works

Invisalign is a viable and convenient smile makeover solution for most people. As a reliable Invisalign provider in New Jersey, Golestani Dental Group uses premium-grade material to create durable, stain-free aligners that are comfortable and easy to clean.

The treatment time varies based on the severity of the dental issue and the individual requirements. On average, it takes nine to fourteen months to complete the Invisalign treatment. Patients with Class 1 type dental problems can also opt for shorter Invisalign treatment plans (accelerated treatment plans). 

The standard treatment involves a series of Invisalign clear aligners, generally requiring a change every two to three weeks. Our team takes precise measurements and teeth impressions to ensure maximum comfort as your teeth reposition. Why not work with our trusted Invisalign provider in New Jersey for unmatched results and patient-specific solutions?

Golestani Dental Group is a premier Invisalign provider in New Jersey with personalized treatment plans. Learn more about our Invisalign at our Livingston office (973-597-1818) or Harrison, NJ, location (973-484-4200) today.

Frequently asked questions:

Invisalign is offered for teens and adults of all ages.  The cost depends on the length of treatment.  $3000 – $6500

Invisalign aligners are worn for the time period it takes to achieve your desired outcome. Anywhere from 4 – 24 months.  Then retainers are worn at night to maintain.

Because the ligaments around the teeth are being disturbed, there may be soreness but usually dissipates in 1 – 2 days and is usually helped with ibuprofen.

Aligners should be worn at least 22 hours per day. The only time you remove them is to eat, floss and brush your teeth.  It is recommended to only drink plain water while wearing them since any sugary or acidic drinks can cause cavities or enamel damage while wearing your aligners.

Both methods are great for fixing malocclusion (crowding, spacing, gaps, overbites, and underbites). Braces use brackets bonded to your teeth and a wire that cannot be removed and demands new hygiene techniques. As an adult, the option of wearing metal brackets may not be esthetically appealing.
Invisalign aligners can be removed to facilitate flossing and brushing.  Compliance is of utmost importance and all outcome depends on the patient’s at-home obedience. Wearing clear aligners allows treatment without anyone being aware.