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If it is time for your child’s next (or first!) dental visit, call Golestani Dental Group today in Livingston, NJ, at (973) 597-1818 or Harrison, NJ, at (973) 484-4200 to schedule a pediatric dentistry appointment. 

A stress-free visit to the dentist early on will set your child up for a lifetime of exceptional oral health. The dental professionals at Golestani Dental Group in New Jersey take great care to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for the infants, children, and adolescents in our office. We explain the procedure to your child in a friendly, simple, and fun way using words they understand. 

Our state-of-the-art instruments, treatments, and services for children will put you at ease while providing the best care for your kids. Golestani Dental Group’s pediatric service lineup includes preventative exams, treatments, and cleanings. 

When Should Pediatric Dentistry Services Begin?

Your child should visit the dentist sometime after their first tooth appears and before their first birthday. Children’s teeth begin developing before they are born but don’t come through the gums until approximately six months. New teeth will continue to show up until the child is about three years old. 

You will want to check your infant’s mouth regularly when you start to see signs of teething. These include trouble sleeping, drooling, irritability, biting, and chewing. As the teeth come in, keep an eye on spacing and if the teeth have crowding. Also, start working on good brushing habits as soon as that first little tooth appears! 

One of the conditions we see develop in baby teeth includes bottle tooth decay. This issue can result from putting a baby to bed with a bottle in their mouth or can develop from bacteria transferred from a shared spoon. Your child may have bottle tooth decay on their baby teeth if they have swollen or bleeding gums or white spots on the teeth.  

Even though these baby teeth will fall out, the way they grow contributes to your youngster’s facial development. A lack of oral hygiene for baby teeth through adolescence can lead to infection and bacteria spread beyond the mouth. Early visits to the fun and friendly dentist will help your child establish healthy routines with a sparkling smile. 

What to Expect from a Pediatric Dentist Visit in New Jersey

From the time you arrive at the front desk until the time you wave goodbye, Golestani Dental Group in New Jersey will provide you and your child with compassionate, friendly dental care in a relaxed environment. Our staff enjoys seeing children come in for each dental appointment, and we aim to make it an enjoyable experience for them, too! 

Pediatric dental services can soothe the discomfort of teething and monitor tooth growth and gum health. They also establish good oral health care routines in these early, formative stages that will last a lifetime. Your dentist is your go-to consultant on the effects of thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, and bottle tooth decay. 

A healthy mouth is an integral part of your child’s overall health. A pediatric dentist can monitor the development of conditions with a comprehensive oral examination. Golestani Dental Group in New Jersey can help you show your child how oral hygiene can be fun and lead to many smiles. 

Is There Sedation Dentistry for Kids? 

Children can understandably be nervous about a new experience like going to the dentist. Our pediatric dentistry team at Golestani Dental Group are experts at turning frowns upside down with safe and compassionate care for little ones. Our team puts your child’s comfort first and foremost.

Children who are anxious or have trouble sitting still for long may experience additional pain and discomfort. Pediatric sedation dentistry may be the best option for these kids. The oral health professionals at Golestani Dental Group in Livingston and Harrison, NJ, are trained to administer sedatives for a relaxing dental experience for your child. 

Sedation dentistry for kids is a safe and stress-free option that ensures a peaceful and effective dental visit. We have a licensed anesthesiologist on-site to administer sedatives and monitor your child’s vital signs to provide the most careful and effective treatment. 

Whether you choose sedation, soft tissue laser dentistry, or other more traditional options, we will walk you through what to expect from start to finish! Call the front desk at Golestani Dental Group in Harrison at (973) 484-4200 or in Livingston at (973) 597-1818 to schedule your child’s dental appointment today.