Soft Tissue Laser Dentistry

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Is Soft Tissue Laser Dentistry in New Jersey Right for Me?

If the thought of going to the dentist stresses you out, explore the possibility of soft tissue laser dentistry in New Jersey by calling Golestani Dental Group in Livingston, NJ, at (973) 597-1818 or in Harrison, NJ, at (973) 484-4200.

Soft tissue laser dentistry is beneficial to dental patients in New Jersey who get anxious about any time of dental work, from regular cleaning to root canals. Using carbon dioxide laser energy to treat soft tissue in the mouth is non-invasive, painless, and convenient. Golestani Dental Group offers soft tissue laser dentistry as our latest solution to patients of all ages for complex or standard dental procedures. 

How Does Soft Tissue Laser Dentistry Work? 

The dentists at Golestani Dental Group use soft tissue laser technology to remove canker sores, treat infections under the surface, and expose stubborn wisdom teeth. It kills 99% of bacteria in its path and is incredibly effective at treating gum disease. We are proud to offer this cutting-edge dental technology to our patients in Livingston and Harrison. 

Soft tissue laser dentistry harnesses the power of a carbon dioxide laser into a concentrated beam for safe and precise treatment across the vast amount of soft tissue in your mouth. Using this technology means less cutting, less bleeding, and fewer stitches if any. It also minimizes and sometimes eliminates recovery time from dental procedures.  

Our team is continuously improving to bring the best and safest dental care to our patients. Along with sedation dentistry, our use of soft tissue laser technology makes Golestani Dental Group a leading provider of safe, secure, and stress-free treatment in New Jersey.   

Is Soft Tissue Laser Dentistry Safe? 

Laser treatments in medical procedures have made them safer and less invasive, saving patients with the stress and recovery of a surgical procedure. Soft tissue laser dentistry is entirely safe for people of all ages, including pediatric dentistry patients, in the hands of our trained team of doctors. 

Patients of soft tissue laser dentistry in New Jersey enjoy the virtually non-existent recovery time it requires. You can pop in for your treatment on your lunch break and be back at work in the afternoon with no residual effects.  

Call Golestani Dental Group to ask about the use of soft tissue laser technology in our pediatric dentistry practice. Think of how excited the kids will be to visit the dentist when they know they’ll use lasers on them!

Soft Tissue Laser Dentistry Specialists in New Jersey

Soft tissue laser dentistry in New Jersey is for cavity detection and pain management associated with temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder. The doctors are proud to offer this treatment option when traditional treatments don’t work for anxious patients. 

Golestani Dental Group in New Jersey is your local specialist in comfort care at the dentist. Call today in Harrison at (973) 484-4200 or Livingston at (973) 597-1818 or fill out our quick contact form to make an appointment.