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Affordable Dental Space Maintenance in New Jersey

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Losing baby or milk teeth is a milestone in any child’s life, and smiles grow with them. A baby tooth is also known as a primary tooth, and the loss is a typical occurrence during early childhood. However, at times, a primary tooth loss will signify the need to visit us for dental space maintenance in New Jersey. 

The helpful process prevents spacing issues later or damages as the bigger, permanent teeth appear. Golestani Dental Group is proud to offer families an expansive, professional team in both our locations—Harrison and Livingston, NJ. Our team’s combined experience and state-of-the-art facilities ensure friendly and adaptable pediatric dental services.

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Essential Pediatric Dental Space Maintenance in New Jersey

When primary teeth fall out too soon, the movement of permanent teeth continues in their natural design. An essential function of a primary tooth is to hold the space for its corresponding permanent tooth, and early loss increases the risk of dental crowding. It can also potentially restrict the permanent teeth’ room to grow.

Early primary tooth loss is relatively common. It may happen due to tooth decay, trauma, or natural causes. At Golestani Dental Group, our friendly dentists will quickly diagnose any underlying causes of early primary tooth loss before continuing with space maintenance treatment. 

Causes need solutions before one of our qualified Golestani Dental Group professionals can create a tailored dental space maintenance plan. We use the right type of child’s space maintainer for the treatment required, dependent on:

  • The underlying cause of primary tooth loss
  • The location(s) of the loss
  • The patient’s dental development

Golestani Dental Group is a leader in effective dental space maintenance in New Jersey. We’re proud to serve both Harrison and Livingston, bringing excellence in dental care to each location. Our friendly and talented dental professionals provide affordable dental services for radiant smiles—read on for the types of space maintainers available at Golestani Dental Group

About Dental Space Maintenance in New Jersey

A dental space maintainer is a common tool for holding the space that an adult tooth needs to grow into, especially for early childhood tooth loss. These maintainers keep other teeth from pushing forward or moving out of position, allowing plenty of room for straight and healthy permanent teeth to erupt. 

Our professionals offer variously removable and fixed children’s dental space maintainers to meet individual needs.

Removable space maintainers

One of the most popular children dental space maintenance options is a removable one. These removable space maintainers resemble a typical wire retainer with appropriately placed blocks of dental-safe plastic. The design effectively holds the spaces in any primary tooth loss gaps while offering patients the ability to remove the device without professional help. 

Removable space maintainers are ideal for slightly older children. Younger children might take it out at inappropriate times, which only prolongs the treatment time and risks further dental complications. 

Fixed space maintainers

When children are at risk of further developing dental issues, our team recommends a more permanent solution. Fixed space maintainers offer an affordable, steadfast solution that we typically use with dental cement and bands for mouth placement. 

These fixed space maintainers come in a variety of styles, including: 

  • Band-and-loop maintainers
  • Crown-and-loop maintainers
  • Lingual arch maintainers
  • Transpalatal arch maintainers

At Golestani Dental Group, our qualified professionals will recommend an appropriate, effective space maintainer style that meets the needs of the patient and is age-appropriate. We can also create custom space maintainers molded to guarantee a secure fit. 

Find Quality Dental Space Maintenance in New Jersey

Dental space maintainers represent an excellent investment in a child’s present and future dental health. Our talented dentists offer restorative and preventative treatments to address underlying causes and provide the necessary tools for dental health improvement. Golestani Dental Group understands the importance of quality lifelong dental care, and our service guarantees a personalized, comprehensive dental experience from toddler to adulthood.

Learn more about dental space maintainers and their uses from our friendly, knowledgeable staff today. Golestani Dental Group is proud to provide quality dental care in Harrison (973-484-4200) and Livingston (973-597-1818).